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Holland & Wilde created Black Pearl Caviar in Hong Kong in 2009 with the goal of sourcing the finest caviar from carefully selected farms around the word and distributing across Asia.

Historically the highest quality caviar came from Russia and Iran, however due to over demand and years of illegal fishing the sturgeon is now on the endangered species list, and sustainable farming is now the only viable for caviar production in the world. Holland & Wilde has built relationships with the best farms in Europe and Asia which have a strong understanding of consistency, quality and sustainability.


Caviar is a natural products and therefore slight variances in colour, texture and taste are to be expected from time to time. However, we do our utmost by personally selecting the sturgeon that fit with our quality requirements

Sustainable and Organic

All farms have natural filtration systems using fresh spring or mountain water and  no antibiotics  or hormones are used. The sturgeon are fed 100% organic feed and caviar is processed with  no additives or preservatives except salt.

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